Order Management Console

How to change my password
  • To change the password for your Order Management Admin Panel you first have to login as super admin.
  • Navigate to settings/ admin settings.
  • Scroll down to the password section.
  • Enter your existing password, then enter and confirm you new password

Mobile Phone App

How to retrieve my password for the phone app
  • Launch the Phone App
  • On the login page scroll down to lost my password.
  • Click on the Lost Password link
  • An email with your new password will be sent to you
How do I add an item to my Product List
  • Use the menu and navigate to Search Products
  • Search for the item you want to add to your customised product list.
  • You can search three ways, enter the item name in the search text box at the top and click on the search icon.
  • Search for the item in the categories or search under the A to Z.
  • To add the item click on + to list

How do I delete an item from my Product list
  • Find the item you want to remove from your Product List and swipe it from right to left
  • A delete button will appear
  • Tap on the delete button

Inventory Manager

How to I activate the Inventory Manager?
  • Log into your Order Management Console
  • Navigate to Settings/ Admin Settings
  • Scroll down to Other settings
  • Select Yes on the radio button for Show Stock Module

    NOTE: If you wish to use the Invenotry Manager Tablet App you will need to contact us for an activation code. Once you have the code go to the Google Play or Apple Store , download & install the App. Enter your activation and login using the same redentials as you use to log into the Order Management Console.