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The following new articles have been added to the QuickB2B knowledgebase.  Changing Customer ID Add item comments to Purchase Orders Stock Adjustment Report Import Suppliers As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.Please post any comments below or email  

UPDATE: V20.02

The following updates and optimizations were uploaded to the QuickB2B Order Management Panel on Tuesday 4th Feb 2020. Articles related to each new feature will be added to the knowledge base as soon as possible. QuickB2B is built exclusively for wholesalers, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please post any comments […]

New! Copy Customers Product List

The latest QuickB2B update includes a feature where you can use one customers product list and apply it to another customer. You can also use this feature to propagate the product lists of outlets were the required product lists are all the same. The options included are: Replace complete product […]

UPDATE: V19.12

Numerous new features will be uploaded tonight which include – Display an item status if its inactive on the edit price list page and edit item page An expiry date can now be applied to customers fixed price items A pop up will display any error message with the reason […]

NEW! Item comment settings & functions

QuickB2B is always developing new features to help our clients streamline their daily processes, and reduce timelines. Due to client feedback we have introduced added functionality to the item comments feature. You will now be able to save the item comments in your customers profile. The comments will always display […]

NEW! Price now displayed when adding an order

The Add an Order page now shows pricing. This will give you the option of editing the sell price while you are entering the customers order. The prices shown are based on the price list the customer has been assigned to or any fixed price that has been applied to […]

NEW! Print Order Qty Summary

A new print order quantity report has been added to current orders.It gives you a third option to print the total quantities by customers.The Items ordered are grouped by customer. (see print out below) The three report options now are Simple Summary Detailed Summary Customer Summary (NEW) To print the […]

NEW FEATURE- Change Delivery Route in Edit Order

Now when editing an order you will be able to change the delivery route. In edit order, click on the text delivery route and a drop list with alternative delivery routes will appear. This change can be permanent or only for the order being edited. Select This Order Only if […]

NEW! PLU Number

PLU Numbers have now been added to the attributes of an item. The PLU will now appear on the picking slip in front of the item name See article:  

Mark Up for Pricelists Now Active

A new way to control your pricelists, has now been rolled out and is avtive in your OMP.You will be able to apply a percentage mark up based on your purchase price, for any given pricelist.This will add flexibility in controlling profit margins. The new interface also shows you at […]