Generic Stock Images

If your after free stock images for the QuickFresh phone app, please go our Facebook Group to download a zip file with an assorted collection of stock images of fresh fruit & vegetables.

Retail features added to QuickB2B.

The Retail features were added to the QuickB2B Order management system overnight. We are still waiting for Google and Apple to approve our apps and will update you with the links to the downloads as soon as they are available. To activate the retail features in QuickB2b navigate to Settings […]

Images for Retail App

The QuickFresh retail app has the ability to display images to your customers. By clicking on the item name in the app, a pop up window with the image and details about the product will be displayed. To upload an image see the following Navigate to manage inventory Find the […]

Manage Retail Inventory

Managing retail inventory items can be done in several ways. In add/edit an item or in the inventory.csv export/import file. In add/edit an item use the Inventory Type drop list to select retail.Click save after selecting. By adding this attribute, customers that have been assigned as retail customers will be […]

Manage Retail Customers

When the retail module files are uploaded you will notice the following features in manage customers. Customers can be assigned as a retail customer or wholesale customer in edit customer. Your inventory will also have the ability to be assigned as a retail item or standard + retail. These items […]


In response the COVID-19 outbreak, the QuickB2B team of developers are working night and day to create a retail solution for all our wholesalers.At this stage the app name will be QuickFresh. We plan to roll out Phase 1 any day now. The solution will become part of the existing […]

Quick Links

A quick link has been added to the order management panel. Clicking on the plus icon ,  positioned in the top right corner, you will now be taken directly to the add an order page. This will eliminate the need to use the main menus. Also clicking on your business name, […]

NEW! Search criteria

Add an Order – you can search for items to add to an order / Customers Product List,  by using three search criteria. You can search by Item name, item code or the PLU number. All three will populate the search results. The following image displays the results when searching […]

Latest Articles

The following new articles have been added to the QuickB2B knowledgebase.  Changing Customer ID Add item comments to Purchase Orders Stock Adjustment Report Import Suppliers As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.Please post any comments below or email  

UPDATE: V20.02

The following updates and optimizations were uploaded to the QuickB2B Order Management Panel on Tuesday 4th Feb 2020. Articles related to each new feature will be added to the knowledge base as soon as possible. QuickB2B is built exclusively for wholesalers, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please post any comments […]