Add an Order

Used to manually enter an order into the system that was received either by eamil, phone, fax, text or voice mail.

▪ Start by typing the first letter of the customer’s name you need to enter an order for.

▪ A list will appear under the search box with customer’s names that match.

▪ Select the customer required. The customers’ details and their customized produce list will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

▪ Enter the quantities for the items you wish to order.

▪ If the item is not in the customized list, select the show all box at the top right-hand side of the list. An A-Z directory will appear under the customized list. Any item ordered from the A-Z list will be saved into the customized list from that point on.

▪ As you enter quantities an Ordered Items List will auto generate. If you require to add comments to an item, click on the + plus sign between the item name and the quantity.

▪ An order comment can also be entered to an order

▪ Select a delivery date (default is next delivery)

▪ Click the Add Customers Order button to submit the order.

▪ An order confirmation will be sent to both the customer and the admins email address entered in admin settings.

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