Add item comments to Purchase Orders

You can now add item comments to draft purchase orders in the stock management module. 
These comments are used to provide information to your agent/supplier about a particular item you are ordering. It may contain packing instructions, grade or size of the products you require etc. 

To add an item comment to a new purchase order (draft)

  • click the arrow to show purchase order, which expands the order details
  • click the plus sign to the left of the item name
  • Enter the comments in the text box that appears below the item name
  • Comments can be added for each individual item. 
  • Click Save
  • To delete a comment, click the cross to the right of the comment box

These comments will appear in the email you send to your agent/supplier and in the purchase order print out.

Also if you export your purchase orders to Xero it will appear (in brackets) in the purchase order item description.

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