Approve a New Customer

When you log into the OMS (order management system) the top right link ‘New Accounts’ will show the number of new customers that have signed up to order via the phone app.

Clicking on this link will take you to the manage customers page.
Here you will see the status column with the ‘New’ accounts in red text.

This text link allows or denies the customer access to their phone app.
You will need to approve the account for it to be ‘Active’.

Click on the text link to change the status. Once the status has been changed to ‘Active’ an email is sent to the customer with their app login details.
Prior to making an account active (for customers that created their own account via the phone app) click on the Company Name to check their details.

When approving a customer take the opportunity to ensure that their account details are correct. Match the company name in the QuickB2B and Xero accounts to avoid duplicate accounts being created in Xero.
Once you have verified their credentials you can change their status to active by clicking on the word ‘New’.  A password will then be sent to the email address the customer used to register. You cannot activate customers without an email address.

Note: Each customer/location can only have ONE email address but can have multiple users. Each user will use the same log in credentials)

Clicking on an the ‘Active’ status will change the account to ‘Inactive’ and the customer will not be able to place an order.
There are now four stages of customer status. New, Admin, Active and Inactive.

Adding an Order prior to approving a customer

If a customer does not have an email address OR if an order needs to be added into the system prior to approving the customer the status can be changed to ‘admin’
This allows the administrator of the order management system to add an order for a customer prior to that customer account being approved.

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