Copy Customers Product List

This feature enables you use one customers product list and apply it to another customer.
It can replace their current product list or add the new list to the existing.
You can also apply item comments, fixed prices and exclusive items.
Use this feature to propagate the product lists of outlets were the required product lists for the outlets are identical.

Is also possible to create a product list for a new customer that has not added any items to their product list.

See the following instructions

  • Type in the customer names of the product list you want to copy
  • Select the options you want to apply
  • Select the customer or customers you want to apply the product list too
  • Edit any items in the product list that is being copied
  • Click Save to proceed
  • A pop up will open advising what customers product list is being copied and to whom it is being applied to
  • Click Confirm to apply

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