Current Orders

This is the default page as you log into your system.
There are three ways to view current orders

1. Menu Options
You can return to this page through the menu options Orders and Current Orders.

2. Your Company Name
By clicking on your company name on the top left of the screen.

3. Current Orders No.
You can also navigate back to this page by clicking on the number shown in CURRENT ORDERS:
The top right of your screen

Functionalities include Print Order Qty; Print Picking Slip, Print Delivery Docket; Ship Orders, Print Delivery Run, and Bin Location Report.

You can Filter/Search by Delivery Routes, orders with items that require a weight Req weight input and Processed. You can also click on the radio button to show only todays orders.

From the icons on the right you can also view an order by clicking on the order TOTAL, you can also EDIT or DELETE orders.

Print Order Quantities:
Choose to print order quantities as a simple summary or detailed summary. The simple summary lists all items and the total quantities in all the current orders. A detailed summary lists all the items and total quantities as well as the customers that ordered each item.

If you provide processed items (cut, sliced, diced etc.) you can print a simple or detailed summary of what is required. The Order Quantities print sheets will also show any colours you have assigned to any of your inventory items. (your printer settings must have colour selected for these colours to be display). For more info see assigning colours to inventory items.

Print Picking Slips: Prints each individual order which can be used as a picking slip. Customer Notes are added to the bottom of every customer picking slip, when added to the Customer, Manage Customer and Edit functions.

They do not appear retrospectively. If an order data is already written in the system and Customer Notes are added later they will not appear. Only new orders will have the Customer Notes.

Print Delivery Dockets: After order weights, quantities and any pricing changes have been made Delivery Dockets can be printed to go with every order. Customer Notes DO NOT appear on Delivery Dockets. Customer Notes are used for internal purposes only.

Print Delivery Routes: This feature is only functional if you have added delivery routes in the admin settings and allocated your customers to a Delivery Route (See setting up Delivery Routes in Settings and Admin Settings).

This works in conjunction with the Delivery Route filter drop list positioned as shown. By clicking the Print Delivery Routes button, a list is generated showing all the orders on the delivery route selected. It includes any Delivery Notes you have entered in Customers and Manage Customers.

This provides the driver any special instructions he may need for delivery.
Ship Orders: Once you have checked and/or edited and saved the current order in the view or edit mode. The order is now ready to be moved to shipped orders.

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