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It features a simple text editor to add messages so you can communicate with your customers. The text editor has standard word processes functions like font, font size, colour, paragraph. Bullets etc. It can be used to for any type of message you want to get across to your customer like, what’s on special, market reports, new products etc.

Once you have entered your feature you can click on the preview button to check the layout. It is also best to view it on a mobile device to ensure that the layout is as desired. Once you are satisfied you can click on the submit button. There are also 3 options that control the visibility of your featured item.

▪ Popup in App – makes it active or inactive

▪ Popup Show on – determines whether you want to display it when users log in and or when users launch the app.

▪ You can also add an image, by clicking on the Image: ‘choose file’ button and locating the image you wish to display. This image can also be turned on or off by the image visibility yes/no selector.

The image format should be a .jpg with a maximum size of 300px x 200px.
NOTE: It’s good practice to always check on a mobile device how the image appears prior to clicking the ‘submit’ button.

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