Fixed Price Expiry Date

Customers fixed price items can now have an expiry date applied to them. 
It will give you more control over pricing and the duration of the fixed price that is applied. Each item within a customers product list can have its own expiry date. To set a fixed item expiry date see the following instructions.

  • Navigate to Customers/Mange Customers
  • Select the customer you want to set fixed price expiry dates for
  • Click on the Edit button
  • In the Fix Price column, select the box next to the item you want to set the expiry date
  • The sell price from the assigned customers price list will display along with a calendar
  • Enter a fixed price
  • Click on the calendar and select the date you want the fixed price to expire.
  • Click Save Changes
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At midnight of the expiry date, the fixed price will no longer be applied and the price will revert to the price of that item in the customers assigned price list.

NOTE: When a fixed price expires, the expired fixed price value will still be displayed in the red text box. However the cost price will be the price in the customers assigned price list. Not the expired price

The three calendar icons represent the following

No expiry date set

An expiry date has been applied, hovering your mouse over this icon will show the date selected

Fixed price has expired, , hovering your mouse over this icon will show the date the fixed price expired

To add further functionality to the fixed price expiry dates, we are currently developing a reports page to display what customers fixed price items will expiring and or have expired.

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