Import Suppliers

Prior to using the stock management module all your suppliers need to be entered into the system.
An alternative to adding suppliers individually, is to use the import suppliers feature. The import uses an excel file and is easy to perform.

To import suppliers, see the following

  • Using the main menu click on Stock Management / Supplier
  • In manage suppliers, click on the Import/Export button
  • Downloaded the supplier.csv file by clicking the export supplier csv icon
  • Open the file with excel and populate the fields.
    (If you have suppliers in your Xero or MYOB, download them, then copy and paste the details into the appropriate fields.)
  • Save the suppliers.csv file. (only save as a csv file)
  • Import the file by clicking on the choose file button.
  • Navigate to where you saved it, select it and click open.
    (You will notice the file name appear in the text box)
  • Click upload to import the file suppliers.csv file.

Navigate back to suppliers. The suppliers from the csv file should now be displayed. Check the details to ensure the data is correct.

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