Manage item comments

Item comments can now be saved in your customers profile. The comments will always display in the admin, edit a customer, add an order, current order and edit order pages when that particular item is ordered. The item comments always appear on the picking slips

If changes are made to the comment in edit order, the new comment override the previous.

These item comments are particularly helpful for any repetitive specifics about how the customer wants a particular item.

The settings are in admin settings, under the Other Settings title.
Here you can turn on the ability to save the item comments and or send them to Xero or MYOB.

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To add item comments, click on the plus sign next to the item name.
The below image displays the customer edit page.
Always save after any changes.

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Below image shows the item comments in edit an order. If the item comment is changed in edit order it will override the current comment and be the new comment next time the item is ordered

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