The stock module enables various functions which assist in stock management, the generation of purchase orders and receivables processes.

The subscription enables the stock module to be activated in the admin settings. When active, purchase orders need to be generated and applied to the current orders before current orders can be moved to shipped orders.

The following menus apply in Stock Management. Stock Levels, Stock on Hand, Purchase Orders, Receivables, Add a Purchase Order, Suppliers, Minimum Quantity Levels, and Repack.

The Stock Management Page displays the following- Item Name, Stock on Hand, Quantity Ordered,
Minimum Quantity Levels , Total, Required, Extra Quantity, Quantity to Purchase and Closing Stock.

The menus and functions on the Stock Management page include, Date selector, Show only required Items, Round Up, Repack Items, Save Extra Qty, Print Stock Report, Print Purchase Qty Save & Proceed and Search.


The following setup is required prior to use and is reliant to function correctly

1. Add suppliers

Navigate to Stock Management/ Suppliers. 

– Click on Add a Supplier. 

– Enter the suppliers Details 

– Select the items you purchase from this supplier from the list on the right hand side.

(when set up is complete all inventory items should have a supplier assigned) 

– Click Save when complete.

2. Set Default Suppliers

Navigate to Stock Management/ Suppliers. 

– Click on Default Suppliers for Items 

– Allocate a default supplier for each item from the drop list on the right

– Click Save when complete 

– You can also use the search function to find any item you want to assign or re-assign. Type in the item name and click the search icon or hit enter on your keyboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the repack feature to work correctly the default supplier should be assigned to the same item type. e.g. Supplier ABC is assigned to Apples / kg and Apples / box  NOT Supplier ABC is assigned to Apples / kg and supplier EFG is assigned Apples / box.

The repacked product needs the same supplier.

3. Manage Minimum Quantities

Navigate to Stock Management/ Manage Minimum Qtys. 

Inventory Minimum Quantities are the minimum quantity of a given item that a business wants to keep on hand. Settings these levels are optional. To set an item minimum level for a particular day of the week;

  • Navigate to Stock Management/ Manage Minimum Qtys menu
  • Enter the quantity you wish to keep on hand for each item for a particular day.  This quantity will be the closing stock for that day
  • Click Save Changes when complete.

These quantities can be entered manually or click on the Import/Export button to download the ParLevels.csv file. After editing and saving this file it can be imported back into the system, by using the upload function in the Import/Export pop up window. 

4. Repack

This feature is used to manage the buy type/quantities in which items are purchased.

If apples are sold per kg but purchased by the box, repack specifies the quantity in kg’s required to create the repack. e.g. 10kg = I box, 20 bunches = 1 tray

Navigate to Stock Management/ Repack.

– Search for the item name of the product you want to repack.

– Enter the quantity that will make up the new packing type. 

– Search for the item name of the product you want to repack into the new packaging type. 

e.g. Inventory to Repack:  Red Apples /kg 
Quantity: 10
Repack To: Red Apples box 

So if you had 40 kg of apples ordered the system would repack them into 4 boxes before generating purchase orders.

Only one repack can be assigned for each item.

5. Enter Quantities in Stock 

Navigate to Stock Management/ Stock on Hand.

Enter the quantities of each item in stock and click on Save Changes.

This function is also used for stock take updates.

The position of each product in the list can also be adjusted to coincide with the position your products are in storage. The default order is A-Z, clicking the adjust order button will enable you to assign a sequential number to control where that item will appear in the list. Click save changes when complete.

The Reset Qty in Stock button will zero all stock quantities.

NOTE: Apple Mac users will need to be aware that all databases used in the QuickB2B System reply on a Windows based OS. Therefore, all CSV files used for importing & exporting need to be saved as .csv (commaseparated values) for Windows. When saving files Mac users need to select the option to save the files as CSV for either Windows or MS-DOS systems.

No responsibility will be taken for any data loss due to uploading data in the incorrect file format. Any data recovery will be charged at an hourly rate of $120.00. If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact us

NOTE: If you wish to use the Invenotry Manager Tablet App you will need to contact us for an activation code. Once you have the code go to the Google Play or Apple Store , download & install the App. Enter your activation and login using the same redentials as you use to log into the Order Management Console.

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