Portion Control

QuickB2B has introduced a portion control feature that accommodates items that are sold as each but charged at a rate per kg.
For example a Beef Scotch Angus Reserve 300gm – Order by EACH. Your customers order per piece but the price is charged per kilogram. You would not use the portion feature if the price was charged at a per piece rate.

To use the portion control feature go to the item attributes.

  • Navigate to manage inventory.
  • Click on the edit icon for the item required.
  • Enter each as the Unit of Measure (how a customer orders the item)
  • Add the portion size (in kg, so 300g would be 0.3)
  • Requires Weight Input: Select Yes, item needs to be weighed
  • Ensure the sales unit price is at a per kilogram price
  • Click Save Changes

Lets take a look at how this item displays in current orders
Any order in Current Orders with a portion control items will show the weight input as a total of the quantity ordered multiplied by the portion weight. 

In the following image the order is for 20 pieces with an approx portion weight of 300g. The weight input is displayed as 6kg. (in red which indicated the total needs to be edited with the true total weight)

The sub total is the weight input multiplied by the price per kilogram

As per normal practice the weight input should be edited with the total physical weight.

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