Processed Items/ Filter Type

Many items that are processed need to be prepared prior to packing. These would include items that are peeled, chopped, shredded & grated etc. Items like mince, sausages, patties and portion control cuts.

To assist with the preparation of these items we can assign a filter type of processed to the item attribute. Adding this attribute enables the filtering out of all processed items included in the current orders.
The total quantities can then be displayed and the production of these items can begin.

To assign the processed filter type:

  • Navigate to Inventory/ Manage Inventory
  • Locate the item you want to assign the filter type too
  • Click on the edit icon
  • Go to the droplist filter type
  • Select processed
  • Click on the save button at the bottom of the page

Once the filter type of processed has been applied to all your items, the total quantities can be extracted from all current orders. To show/ print total quantities of all processed items follow the steps below

To apply the processed filter to current orders

  • Navigate to orders/ current orders
  • From the filter droplist box select processed
  • All the orders with processed items will now be displayed
  • Select all orders
  • Click on the button Print Total Qty
  • Click the processed radio button to turn it on
  • Click on print simple summary or detailed summary

The total quantities for processed items can now be printed

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