Purchase Orders

Generating Purchase Orders

Navigate to Stock Levels in Stock Management. 
(Reset or enter stock quantities in stock on hand first if required) 

The Date:
Only change the date in the date selector if you also wish to order items in the current orders that are not for next delivery. (The default date is todays date, selecting a date beyond todays date will also order items for future dated orders) 

By default the items showing are only those required in the current orders. To show all items in the inventory, toggle the ‘show only req items’ to the off position.  In the off position you will be able to generate purchase orders for all inventory items, not just those that you require to fill the current orders.

Select the minimum quantity if required. The name of the week day is displayed as the default. Also see Manage Minimum Quantities

Enter any extra quantities you wish to order in the Extra Qty text. 

Round up and Repack are on by default. Round up is the quantity required to reach the repack quantity. Repack is new unit of purchase i.e: 12kg box

Generate the purchase orders by clicking the Save & Proceed button. 

A sceen will appear where you have the ability to split orders. (This is useful if a supplier doesn’t have the quantity of stock you wish to purchase, or you can purchase from more than one supplier, if assigned.)

Click on the word ‘split’ to order from another supplier, or suppliers.
(ensure other suppliers have been assigned to the item)

Enter any quantities and click Save

click on image to enlarge

Next click on Save & Create Purchase Orders

Draft Purchase orders will now be generated and displayed.

Purchase orders will now be displayed on the Purchase Orders page.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders page will be populated after you generate purchase orders. The page shows each Purchase Order with the Suppliers details, the date, purchase order number, item names and quantities to order.  

The purchase orders have the following options  
– Enter a quoted purchase price (purchase price self populate if present)  
– Edit the quantity to order if required. (you cna chage the qty if required)
– Add purchase order comments if required 

If any values are entered into the options above the values need to be saved by clicking on the Save button for each purchase order.

NOTE: you can reveal the entire purchase order by clicking on the
blue arrows  

click on image to enlarge

Once you have checked and or edited the (draft) purchase orders, you will need to apply them to the current orders.

Select the purchase order and click Apply to Orders
(You can also select all, by selecting the box next to date created)

The applied purchase orders are then displayed on the right side of the screen and include the purchase order number, date and suppliers name.  


Applied Purchase Orders

Once you have applied the purchase orders to the current order/ orders they need to be processed in the following method.  
Applied purchase orders can now be emailed to the supplier or printed out.  

Once emailed or printed they need to be marked as completed.
Select each purchase order and click on the Mark PO’s Complete button. 
Completed purchases orders can now be used for stock receivables.
To view completed orders or enter receivables click on the View Completed PO’s button on the purchase orders page or click on the Receivables menu in Stock Management. 

NOTE: All the above processes to generate a purchase order can also be performed on the Inventory Manager table App.

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