Specials can now be displayed in the Phone Apps. They are highlighted with a red star. If an item is already in the My Product List it will remain in the list and display a red star. 
The price will also be displayed for specials. 

Adding a Special 
Navigate to Inventory/ Specials 
The screen is separated into two halves. The left is for the title and searching for the product. The right is to enter a price 
and control the status whether active or inactive 
Firstly enter a title for your specials, like ‘Catch of the Day’, ‘Price Drop’ or just Specials 

Search by name for the item you wish to make on special and show in the phone. A list will show up as you type, select and highlight the item required Click on ‘Add item to Specials’ 

The item will now appear on the right hand side of the screen in a status of inactive and with the purchase price showing 
Enter your specials sale price 
Click save changes 
Now click on the text link ‘inactive’ to activate it and it will then appear in the phone apps

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