Standing Orders

The Standing orders feature allows you to auto generate an order for a customer on a particular day at a specific time. This is great for reoccurring orders. The system will auto generate an order on the day and time specified. (must be a minimum of 15min prior).
To add a standing order, perform the following procedure:

▪ Either enter the customer’s name in the Search box or select the customer from the drop list.

▪ Select the time you want the order to to generate

▪ Select the day you required the order tot be generated. It will then become highlighted.

▪ Add the quantities for the items required.

▪ Click save.

If you need to add an item that is not in the customers ‘my produce list’ you will need to add it in Customers and Manage Customers. All current standing orders can be seen on the right-hand side. Here you can edit, delete or change the status of any current.

Changing the status is used to turn the auto generation process on or off. Commonly used for long weekends or holidays
Multiple standing orders can be added for the same customer

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