Add Suppliers

Navigate to Stock Management/ Suppliers.  
– Click on Add a Supplier.  
– Enter the suppliers Details  
– Select the items you purchase from this supplier from the list on the right hand side. 
(when set up is complete all inventory items should have a supplier assigned)  
– Click Save when complete.

Set Default Suppliers

Navigate to Stock Management/ Suppliers.  
– Click on Default Suppliers for Items  
– Allocate a default supplier for each item from the drop list on the right 
– Click Save when complete  
– You can also use the search function to find any item you want to assign or re-assign. Type in the item name and click the search icon or hit enter on your keyboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the repack feature to work correctly the default supplier should be assigned to the same item type. e.g. Supplier ABC is assigned to Apples / kg and Apples / box  NOT Supplier ABC is assigned to Apples / kg and supplier EFG is assigned Apples / box.
The repacked product needs the same supplier.

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