NEW! Print Option for Picking Slips

Every business processes their orders different ways, so we have added a few options to help. Now picking slips can be printed with three different options. Item Names in Alphabetical order A-Z (default) Item Names in Alphabetical order A-Z, grouped by Filter Types Item Names in Alphabetical order A-Z, grouped […]

NEW! Customer Status

QuickB2B now has a new customer status, titled ‘admin’ that allows the administrator of the order management panel to add an order for a customer prior to that customer account being approved.This also allows admin to add an order without the customer having an email address, which is a requirement […]

NEW! Delivery Charges

A new feature has been added to the system. Delivery Charges are now part of your customer settings. You can specify the minimum order value and the delivery fee to be charged. To set up delivery fees, navigate to Customers/ Manage Customers. Click on the Customer name you want to […]

Live Support Chat

QuickB2B now have Live Chat support for any technical issues you may want resolved. OPTION 1.When you are in your Order Management PanelClick on the Chat icon    (headphones) A pop up window will displayEnter your details and click on Start Chat OPTION 2.Just click on the Need Help? tab […]

Xero App Reviews

It would be greatly appreciated if QuickB2B users could write about their experience so far in the Xero App Reviews. Please share with other Xero users how you are getting on with QuickB2B and how your experience has been so far. What differences it has made to your business? What […]

Latest Update to Standing Orders

The latest feature to be added to our OMS is standing orders that can be generated at a specific time on a particular day of the week. With the introduction of time slots, this feature now give you the flexibility to generate repetitive orders at a time that suits you. […]

QuickB2B listed in the Xero Market Place

QuickB2B certified integration is now listed in the Xero App Marketplace! We are thrilled to be part of the Xero experience and look forward to meeting new wholesale customers and helping them improve their business. Go to our QuickB2B listing in the Xero Marketplace