Retail features added to QuickB2B.

The Retail features were added to the QuickB2B Order management system overnight. We are still waiting for Google and Apple to approve our apps and will update you with the links to the downloads as soon as they are available.

To activate the retail features in QuickB2b

  • navigate to Settings / Admin Settings
  • Scroll down to Other Settings
  • Select the Yes for Enable Retail App
  • Click the Save button

The retail features will now appear in manage customers, edit customers, manage inventory, edit inventory and Merchant Account Setting in Settings/ Admin Settings

Set Up Check List

  • Adding Retail inventory and assigning them as retail
  • Assign existing wholesale items as standard + retail if you want to make them available for both
  • Uploading images for the retail inventory items
  • Adding terms of use in Settings/ App User Guide / Retail App Guide (QuickFresh)
  • Adding your Merchant Account Details once approved by Pinch
  • As customers are added remember to turn on pricing

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