Import Customers

Customers can be added manually if required by navigating to Customers/ add customer. If your customers exist in Xero then the simplest way to import them into QuickB2B is to click on Settings/ Import Xero Settings. STEP 1. Click on Import Customers and follow the prompts. After importing customers, you […]

Manage Customers

This page shows details of your customers and their suburb at a glance. Functions on this page include adding outlets, change status, view, & delete. You can edit customer details by clicking on their company name. Clicking on the Company Name will show all the customer details including Business details, delivery address, customer settings, the products they see in […]

Admin Settings

Company Details:Select from the Menu: Settings and Company Details. Add your company details. These details appear on your system documentation (Delivery Dockets, Purchase Orders) Add your website link address as shown and attach a pdf brochure or informational document eg Seasonal Guide. This then shows on your customers app in […]

Connect to Xero

To connect to Xero click on the blue Xero icon at the top right hand side of the page. Select your Xero account and log in. This will allow the two systems to remain linked and enable data to be imported form Xero. It also allows syncing of data the […]

Quantity Alerts

Used to flag order quantities that may be excessive. The alert is activated by assigning quantities to items so that if the amount ordered by a customer exceeds the alert quantity a red flag is displayed in the current order e.g. An item that is sold by the box could […]

Upload Fixed Prices

Fixed Prices Overview Customers Fixed Price Items locks in any special price you have negotiated with your customer. When you select the tick box in the fix price column for an item, the current sell price for the Price List they have been assigned (e.g. price List 1), will appear.  You […]