Shipped Orders

Once you have checked and/or edited and saved the current order in the view or edit mode. The order is now ready to be moved from current to shipped orders. Select the orders you wish to move to shipped orders and click on the Ship Orders button. If you want […]

Standing Orders

The Standing orders feature allows you to auto generate an order for a customer on a particular day at a specific time. This is great for reoccurring orders. The system will auto generate an order on the day and time specified. (must be a minimum of 15min prior).To add a […]

How to Add Delivery Routes

Delivery Routes are optional Delivery routes are created so you can filter the current orders by delivery routes. This is especially helpful if you need to pack and ship customers orders that are on a particular delivery run or priority. Once Delivery routes are created you need to assign a delivery […]

Import/Export Inventory

Import Inventory Inventory can be imported via the Import Xero Settings. Navigate to Setting Import Xero Settings as shown here or via the menu option of Inventory/ Import/Export. Export Inventory Inventory can also be exported for editing before re-importing.Select the option to Export Inventory (with all pricing, used for importing). Note: […]

Featured Item

It features a simple text editor to add messages so you can communicate with your customers. The text editor has standard word processes functions like font, font size, colour, paragraph. Bullets etc. It can be used to for any type of message you want to get across to your customer […]

Add Inventory Item

To add an item enter the item details and click ‘Add Item’. The Item Code must be unique. You can NOT have duplicate item codes. If you wish to add an item that has similar details to an item that already exists then select (highlight) it from the inventory quick […]

Manage Inventory

The inventory module consists of the following menus. Manage Inventory (View Prices)Add itemImport / ExportFeatured itemQuantity alert.Bin LocationsSpecials Manage Inventory displays the complete list of inventory items available.It shows the item name, purchase price, list prices colour assigned, export marker, edit and delete. Item Name: Should be no more than […]


Specials can now be displayed in the Phone Apps. They are highlighted with a red star. If an item is already in the My Product List it will remain in the list and display a red star. The price will also be displayed for specials.  Adding a Special Navigate to Inventory/ Specials The screen […]

Current Orders

This is the default page as you log into your system.There are three ways to view current orders 1. Menu OptionsYou can return to this page through the menu options Orders and Current Orders. 2. Your Company NameBy clicking on your company name on the top left of the screen. […]

Bin Locations

Bin locations are used to specify which department or location certain inventory items are stored or processed in. eg: Frozen fish are in the bin location Freezer, Beef mince is processed by the in-house butcher, chopped vegetables need processing. Bin locations can be added, edited and deleted.Inventory items are then […]